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Cheese bratwurst with noodles from the pan

Cheese bratwurst with noodles from the fire pan

Bratwurst different, so you could describe our hearty hearty cheese bratwurst pan. 😋 After our last shopping trip, during which we indulged in a long-awaited fire pan from Petromax, we accidentally passed a sausage machine. And honestly, homemade sausage and meat products from the local butcher taste delicious, who can resist? 🤗 ...

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Pörkölt the real Hungarian goulash

Hungarian Goulash - The Original

This recipe is known in Hungary as Pörkölt. Goulash, in Hungarian Gulyás, is a soup in Hungary. Goulash, as a ragout, I know both from my German, as well as my Hungarian grandma. It differs above all in the spices, where in Hungarian recipes pepper, garlic and caraway may not be missing, because pepper is of course ...

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Tasty warming kohlrabi soup

Kohlrabi soup - the perfect winter soup ❄️

When it gets colder outside and winter comes 🌨❄️, the perfect time for delicious soups has come 🤗. And what soup can be better in the current wet and cold weather than a hearty kohlrabi soup. Fortunately we had half a kohlrabi left, the perfect basis for this recipe 😊 Try it ...

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Hearty Sucuk cheese lasagna from the Petromax K4

Lasagna with a difference! After we last acquired a Petromax K4 box mold and in consequence had already prepared quite a lot of cakes, breads and the like in it, we also wanted to try a lasagna. However, it should not be the classic version, it had to be something else. 😜 said done after the following refrigerator check we discovered a ...

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Cheesesauce - cheese sauce

The perfect cheese sauce

Sometimes it just has to be a burger, or something else, because this cheese sauce goes well with a lot of things. As you can see, this recipe is less about a burger than much more about our recipe for a tasty cheese sauce. It goes well with a variety of dishes, from burgers to french fries. If you like it hot, ...

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Pancakes with sucuk and doll sauce from the RF33 rocket oven

Pancakes with sucuk and dollie sauce

What could be better than cooking outside on a sunny autumn day? Probably not much. 😊 For us it was time again to free our Petromax RF33 rocket stove from its shell and deliver it to its original purpose. 🔥👍 Super weather, early in the morning - What better fits than a delicious pancake ...

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