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The cauliflower bomb - It does not get any better

Cauliflower bomb

This delicious cauliflower bomb has been around for a while now, but for the first time we have prepared it in Dutch Oven. Since we currently cook or bake a lot in Dutch, we also wanted to try this recipe in it.

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Gingerbread muffins with a Nutella cream

Ever since I discovered Nutella for myself three years ago (I'm not the Schoki fan 🙃), Nutella is always ready for us. Especially at the weekend, I love to enjoy Nutella on pancakes (pancakes) or puff pastry 😋 And no sooner is the Christmas season at the door, I get every year feel like gingerbread. I…

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A delicious yogurt bread from the Petromax FT6

Delicious yoghurt bread

Our favorite bread from the Dutch. Made easy and delicious. For the dough is best a food processor, but also by hand, the dough should be feasible. 😋 We use the FT6 from Petromax. It should be achieved around the 220 - 250 ° C. In the case of the FT6 this would be about 30 Coal, 20 ...

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