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Cheese bratwurst with noodles from the pan

Cheese bratwurst with noodles from the fire pan

Bratwurst different, so you could describe our hearty hearty cheese bratwurst pan. 😋 After our last shopping trip, during which we indulged in a long-awaited fire pan from Petromax, we accidentally passed a sausage machine. And honestly, homemade sausage and meat products from the local butcher taste delicious, who can resist? 🤗 ...

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Hearty Sucuk cheese lasagna from the Petromax K4

Lasagna with a difference! After we last acquired a Petromax K4 box mold and in consequence had already prepared quite a lot of cakes, breads and the like in it, we also wanted to try a lasagna. However, it should not be the classic version, it had to be something else. 😜 said done after the following refrigerator check we discovered a ...

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