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Vegan Mett - delicious and hearty

Vegan Mett - Tasty and Hearty ❤️

Vegan Mett ??! 🤔 Yes, it works and is delicious and fast. 😋 What you need Preparation First, the rice cakes are crumbled and put into a bowl. Afterwards, the water is filled in the bowl and left all 2-3 minutes alone. In the meantime, the onions are peeled ...

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Pörkölt the real Hungarian goulash

Hungarian Goulash - The Original

This recipe is known in Hungary as Pörkölt. Goulash, in Hungarian Gulyás, is a soup in Hungary. Goulash, as a ragout, I know both from my German, as well as my Hungarian grandma. It differs above all in the spices, where in Hungarian recipes pepper, garlic and caraway may not be missing, because pepper is of course ...

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Tasty warming kohlrabi soup

Kohlrabi soup - the perfect winter soup ❄️

When it gets colder outside and winter comes 🌨❄️, the perfect time for delicious soups has come 🤗. And what soup can be better in the current wet and cold weather than a hearty kohlrabi soup. Fortunately we had half a kohlrabi left, the perfect basis for this recipe 😊 Try it ...

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